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AG-SCS Aluminum foil glass fiber self-winding tube

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AG-SCS aluminum foil glass fiber self-winding tube is composed of aluminum foil, glass fiber and polyester monofilament. It has excellent heat insulation, anti-radiant heat, high temperature resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, electromagnetic shielding and other characteristics. The design is easy to insert, easy to assemble and easy to operate. The products are mainly used for thermal protection and electromagnetic protection, protecting various wires and cables, rubber hoses, oil pipes, automotive air conditioning refrigeration pipes, power steering pipes, cables, wiring harnesses, exhaust pipes, barbecue gas pipes, etc. It is convenient and easy to set, especially suitable for For special-shaped pipeline protection.
Product benchmarking: PLAD REFLECT
Operating temperature: -70~200  
Halogen-free and environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant  
Cut: Scissors    
Flame retardant grade: UL94  
Standard color: natural color    
Technical Data    
Product performance Detection method Requirement
Reagent resistance (Transmission Oil Coolant Oil Lubricant Diesel) The sample was placed in a container with solvent, and after soaking for 24 hours, the change of the sample was visually observed Visual inspection of the surface without deformation, melting and other changes
Long-term heat aging performance 200/3000 hours After the test, wrap the sample around a tube 4 times the inner diameter of the product to confirm whether it is brittle
low temperature flexibility IEC 60684
(-70/4 hours)
After the test, bend the sample around a tube 4 times the inner diameter of the product without brittle cracking
Thermal insulation SAE J2302 T Emitter: +482, Time: 1h, Distance: 25mm, Thermal Efficiency (): >+100
shielding performance GB/T12190-2006 ≥40db
flame retardancy UL94 self-extinguishing
Dimension   Unitmm
Specification inner diameter wall thickness
AG-SCS-8 6~9 0.5
AG-SCS-10 8~11 0.5
AG-SCS-13 11~14 0.5
AG-SCS-16 14~17 0.5
AG-SCS-19 17~20 0.7
AG-SCS-25 20~26 0.7
AG-SCS-32 27~33 0.7
AG-SCS-38 33~40 0.7
1. The inner diameter refers to the circular diameter of the casing  
2. Special length, can be customized  
3. For the detailed parameters of the product, please refer to the product specification approval letter.
4. Customizable PA66/PPS monofilament products  
AG-SCS Aluminum foil glass fiber self-winding tube
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