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FR20-E Braided network tube

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It is woven from PET polyester monofilament, which has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and softness. Halogen-free flame retardant, the unique braided structure has the characteristics of retractable expansion, suitable for wrapping wire harnesses and fluid pipelines, and can smoothly pass through large or irregular coverings, and the mesh structure does not accumulate liquid in and out. Widely used in military, automotive, aviation, new energy and other fields to protect wiring harnesses, hoses, pipes and other components.
Product benchmark TECHFLEX: FLEXO®PET
Operating temperature: -70~150      
Halogen-free and environmentally friendly, RoHS compliant    
Laser cutting or hot cutting, with smooth cut      
Flammability ratingUL94 V0      
Standard color: black orange      
Technical Data        
Property Test Method Value
melting point ASTM-D276 250~270
Reagent resistance (Transmission Oil Coolant Oil Lubricant Diesel) The sample is placed in a container with solvent, and after soaking for 1 hour, the change of the sample is visually observed. Visual inspection of the surface without deformation, melting and other changes
Long-term heat aging performance 150/240 hours After the test, wrap the sample around a tube 4 times the inner diameter of the product to confirm whether it is brittle
low temperature flexibility BH 100-016
(-50/4 hours)
After the test, bend the sample around a tube 4 times the inner diameter of the product without brittle cracking
flame retardancy UL94 V0
   Fold diameter Expanded inner diameter range(mm)
Size inch mm Min.(I) Max.(O)
FR20-E-003 1/8" 3 1 6
FR20-E-006 1/4" 6 3 9
FR20-E-008 5/16" 8 5 12
FR20-E-010 3/8" 10 7 17
FR20-E-012 1/2" 12 8 20
FR20-E-014 9/16" 14 9 24
FR20-E-016 5/8" 16 10 27
FR20-E-019 3/4" 19 14 30
FR20-E-025 1" 25 18 33
FR20-E-032 1-1/4" 32 20 50
FR20-E-038 1-1/2" 38 30 60
FR20-E-045 1-3/4" 45 35 75
FR20-E-050 2" 50 40 80
FR20-E-064 2-1/2" 64 45 105
FR20-E-076 3" 76 64 120
1. The normal bending diameter refers to the flat width of the braided mesh tube in the natural state (without external force).
2. The braided mesh tube is flexible, and there are differences in the normal folding diameter, so it is not used as a product parameter and is for reference only.
3. Please inform the outer diameter and tightness of the quilt cover when selecting the type, and we will select the type according to the requirements.


FR20-E Braided network tube
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