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Union Polymer Material Co.,Lt.Hereinafter referred to as UPM),Specializing in the research and development, production and sales of heat shrinkable sheath products, braided sheath products and other functional polymer materials. Focus on providing coverage and protection solutions for system components, and achieve functions such as insulation, waterproof, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, restraint, strapping, electromagnetic shielding, and identification. Products are mainly used in automotive, military, aerospace, communications, power, electronics, shipbuilding and other fields.

UPM obtained ISO 9001:2015IATF 16949:2016GJB 9001C-2017ISO 14001:2015ISO 45001:2018 and other quality, environmental and occupational health management system certifications. UPM products have passed or obtained GJB, CE, UL, CCS, ABS, DNV and other multiple type test approvals.

We will wholeheartedly provide you with better solutions, customize products according to customer needs, and continue to develop new products.

Welcome to visit our website (www.upolymer.com) or contact our professional sales and service personnel. Dedicated after-sales service personnel, guarantee to answer any of your needs within 24 hours

Since its establishment in 2002, UPM has been widely recognized and praised by customers for its excellent product quality, thoughtful and comprehensive customization and after-sales service, and timely delivery cycle. With our experienced and professional R&D team and strong R&D and innovation capabilities, we achieve sustainable development. With diverse and complete experimental facilities, we can complete more than 90% of product performance testing by ourselves, and can conduct product testing through professional third-party laboratories according to requirements.


Union Polymer Material Co.,Ltd. Look forward to becoming your qualified supplier and trustworthy partner


Mission/vision:Focus on system protection and become the conscience of the industry



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